Artist's Statement

Having lived on nature preserves and near the ocean the majority of my life, the health status of the environment in which we live is of utmost importance to me. My daily walks find me in the forest, by the river, near the ocean or working in the garden, providing a constant source of imagery and synergy for my ideation process. I relish exploring the subtlety and rhythms of the environment through observation and sensorial experience.
In my studio practice, I often retrace my journeys using unexpected juxtapositions, executing elements of realism and abstraction while capturing nuances of the tamed and untamed. Combines of media are a natural for me; my work can employ a spectrum of materials in any given series as a maker. The perceptual illusions naturally occurring in the environment through movement, pattern and light are a continuum found in the many facets of my paintings, drawings, print work and photographic studies.

-Nancy McTague-Stock